Strategy Development

“A Sound strategy starts with having the right goal”
  Michael Porter

Before a goal can be achieved a strategy needs to be set, and it is for that very reason Letsema has assisted numerous clients to formulate an effective strategy to ensure that the clients businesses are poised to thrive in their respective sector.

At Letsema we partner with our clients based on their specific needs. We provide a range of strategy services including Strategy Facilitations, Strategy Design, Development and the Implementation Management thereof.

Leaders need to develop a sound Strategy and Vision for their organizations. We believe that a Strategy does not stand on its own, as the Leaders need to:

  • Build a strong team to execute their strategy
  • Shape their external and internal environments
  • Prepare for the future and see around corners
  • Should lead with character and by example

We are connected to the outcome, to the client as a person and to the journey of the client’s business through our strategy development and implementation process.

Case Studies

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