Business Review

Organisations often require independent and critical review of themselves, in order to tackle the path ahead – Letsema offers various business reviews, assessment tools and services to unveil core business problems allowing for the development of customised solutions that assists in meeting the client’s specific needs.

Letsema has built a reputation of driving projects to impactful solutions for our clients, whatever it takes, by adapting to find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently.

We are able to provide clients with advanced research, analysis, reporting and access to insights on their industries, market segments, competitors, new innovations and benchmarking amongst others at a global, macro and elementary level.

With extensive knowledge on our surrounding environment, we have the ability to drive a deeper impact, both on the business and the society in which we function.

Services offered along these dimensions include:

  • Comprehensive Business Diagnostics
  • Big data analytics
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Operational Value Chain Audit
  • Heat-map Analysis

Case Studies

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