Sales Stimulation

Letsema has assisted various clients in developing compelling value propositions, identifying new target markets, sharing robust sales toolkits and approaches, as well as providing marketing strategy related support. Letsema has specific boutique partners that it works together with in developing these offering for its clients.

  • Customer value propositions are an essential ingredient in successfully communicating in a succinct and directed manner the strengths and core offerings of an organisation, and can either be a standalone exercise or part of a larger marketing or sales programme
  • Sales stimulation programmes are an all-encompassing approach that analyses every aspect of customer segmentation, operational advantage and supply chain activities to create a goal driven plan to enhance sales and facilitate the brand establishment.
  • Marketing strategies inevitably unpack the company strategy and support in the direction and execution of the necessary platforms to market the organisation, activities range from target audience validation, competitor analysis, communications planning, and the execution activities thereof.

Case Studies

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