Cost Reviews

Letsema follows an ex post facto approach to improve budgeting processes and drive long-term business sustainability for our clients and Letsema as a whole. We assess the cost structure and expenses facing an organisation in order to turnaround or improve its financial performance and position.

Initiatives are robust in nature and are typically carried out across all divisions and functions to directly and indirectly benefit the client.

Direct Benefits

  • Unlocks potential cost-savings for the business and improves cash reserves.
  • Enhances the budgeting process (and planning)
  • Improved business sustainability (long term resilience)
  • Enables the organisation to counter economic/market viability and uncertainty

Indirect Benefits

  • Provides an understanding of the Cost-to-Produce/Cost-to-Trade
  • Provides an understandig of cost reduction opportunities and how “real” they are
  • Delivers cost based details to support fact based decisions
  • Sets the foundations for the implementable cost reductions