Corridor Operations

Letsema has completed over 80 individual unique projects to date in rail, road and ports since 2006 spanning across commercial, resourcing, planning and operations. Letsema aims to develop corridors in Africa into self-sufficient and highly cost-effective businesses that satisfy the end customers and inbound suppliers.

We jointly work with on-the ground operators and personnel all the way to leadership members who are responsible for the delivery of meaningful solutions and long lasting impact.

Key focus areas:

Key focus areas:

Commercial and Demand Planning

  • Commercial Strategy & Volume Review
  • Key Account Planning & Pricing

Infrastructure Management

  • Fleet Diagnostics
  • Infra Reliability Studies
  • Structural Capacity Review
  • Asset Turnaround Time Review
  • Inbound Supply Chain Strategy

Operating Philosophy and Integration

  • Scheduling & Operational Plans
  • Integrated Real Time Monitoring
  • Deviation Management
  • Capability Building & Skills
  • Interface Management
  • Yard/Locality Optimisation

Case Studies

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