Letsema advises and supports Government and Public Sector clients with the aim of ensuring the delivery of sustainable performance requirements that are a contributing factor to the National Government’s priorities.

As a result, through the transformation of the Government’s performance, to a journey that becomes the foundation of “predictable service delivery,” Letsema builds into all Government Advisory Services, strong monitoring and evaluation processes that will be sustainable long after the advisory support activities have been concluded.

We avail to our clients, professional consulting resources who are experienced and capable, with an in-depth understanding of Government protocol, policy and the legislative environment.

Letsema has:

Over 80 projects completed to date
Over 15 years of Government experience
Track record and focus on South Africa

Project Examples

Programme management and Implementation.

Letsema was approached by a client to train and employ South African unemployed youths within the Business Process Sector (BPS). 4 phases were conducted being; consortia selection, implementation of the training programme, grant fund payment and mentoring. A total of 3,422 unemployed youths were recruited and trained through the programme of which 81% completed the minimum 67 credits. 78% learners were employed at the end of training, thus exceeding the 70% employment target for the Programme

Fuel levers implementation for a major rail operator

A client needed help with identifying and implementing a savings initiatives within the major freight rails road vehicle fuel procurement. Letsema adopted a 3 phase approach whereby a R12 million annual savings was estimated, an increased number of rebate sites were contracted, improved compliance and Improved information visibility and availability was established to support long term effective contract and commodity management.

Implementation of supply chain initiatives

Due to the varying levels of maturity across the operating divisions and the diversified logistics and infrastructure supply chain services across South Africa, Letsema made use of a 3 phase approach to support the implementation of initiatives for a client. From determining the potential areas of focus, scoping and planning the objectives and tracking the development of the development of the implementations plans Letsema helped to ensure cross functional integration, delivery of R10.3 million in savings and supported the delivery of 10 individual project.