Financial Services

We advise Financial Services institutions and accelerate their success, delivering best-in-class results through:

  • A core team of professional management consultants who deliver projects to the senior management of banks, insurers, development finance institutions and investment managers;
  • A set of strong partnerships with professional teams that are industry leading experts in technical niche areas within Financial Services;
  • The provision of highly skilled flexible resourcing solutions to our clients.

Project Examples

Major South African Bank


The application process for a very profitable banking product, took the bank in the region five business days to complete and provide the client access to the product.

Letsema helped by re-designing and streamlining the application process. As a result the bank was able to reduce the application process to 90 minutes.

Leading South African Bank


The process of client on-boarding is a complicated and duplicated across most of the South African banks.

Letsema assisted our client to streamline the client on-boarding process by removing all publications and redundancies. By doing that Letsema not only reduced the cost and time of the process, but improved the client experience.

Leading South African Bank


We partnered with a leading South African bank to assist them in the journey to becoming more relevant in the current market of continuous change.

Letsema designed and implemented a methodology and supporting processes to identify and evaluate relevant opportunities. Once the opportunities had been identified, we partnered with the bank to implement the opportunities and operationalise them.