Energy & Power

Letsema has served over 26 Energy and Power clients to date ranging from public to private companies with a large focus in the Renewable Energy Sectors. We have developed thought leaders and specialists across strategic planning, target operating model (TOM) design and enterprise and supplier development (ESD) over the last 10 years of our Energy & Power practice.

At Letsema we work directly with our client’s to not only design solutions, but also operationalise their strategies and to bring about a lasting change and transformation. Letsema works closely with international partners to close the gaps in best practice knowledge and to ensure the international levels of quality and standards are continuously maintained.

Letsema’s specific project areas and capabilities include but are not limited to the Distribution, Transmission and Generation areas. Letsema over the last few years has become a leading advisor to the Renewable Energy Programme.

Project Examples

Supply chain and strategic sourcing

A major operational platinum mine needed Letsema’s assistance in the development of a supplier sourcing strategy and needed procurement transactional support. A Maverick spend analysis, supplier consolidation and commodity was conducted. This resulted in the establishment of mechanisms to facilitate the change and drive team cohesion for a newly created centralised strategic sourcing unit.

Sustainability and community development

A client’s aim was to develop a revised strategy for a Mining Trust to improve impact within the local community. Letsema was tasked to develop an operating model and a revised strategy to enable the Trust strategy whilst identifying suitable sustainability projects. Letsema conducted various diagnostic strategies, strategy revisions, an operating model was designed and was accompanied with a clear governance model. As a result we designed and implemented a program management office and structure to enable implementation of a large platinum mine.  Strategies for a joint venture and Mining Trust were implemented to improve impact within the local communities. PMO set-up, tracking and monitoring, stakeholder engagement was established with further recommendations to enhance sustainability factors at a mine.

Operational and Logistics efficiency

A client needed assistance with logistics and route optimisation in order to move 3 grades of export anthracite to a port. Letsema established a Sub-Sahara feasibility study for logistics of an anthracite mine in Kwazulu-Natal. Letsema helped the client to fast track the implementation of the operational plans whilst maintaining coordination across a community empowerment programme.