What We Look For

At Letsema we look for something beyond intellect. We seek out a combination of:

Competence • Curiosity • Diversity

We recruit experienced hires with impressive credentials and leadership experience, and highest performing University Graduates that have a diverse set of curiosities and talents.

So what is interesting about the candidates we choose?

At Letsema we review candidates based on the relevance and quality of their academics and professional experience in conjunction with their involvement in extracurricular activities.  Determining whether possible employees have the technical ability to carry out a consulting role, manage projects and in the future be able to build and contribute towards a business unit for Letsema are all capabilities we look for.

Those who have the intellectual horsepower to grow, are driven and determined, have the ability to take on high workloads and endure for sustained periods of time Are typically the candidates that will enjoy our work environment.

If you have the caliber, personality and technical match to that of a consultant, whilst portraying the ability to adapt and reflect how your lifestyle lends itself towards consulting and Letsema then you are the perfect Letsema match taking into account our values.

Letsema's Values

  • 1. We value impact

    We value performance, and we value results. We want to help people to win, so that their businesses win, so that together we can create a better society that is healthy and growing. We grow together.

  • 2. We celebrate diversity

    We believe that our intellectual and cultural diversity is a key reason for our history of trust with our clients in managing projects in our unique and every changing South African – and African – context. We believe that diversity is a key part of how we empower our clients to create meaningful impact.

  • 3. We value people – ours and yours

    Our people are our biggest asset, and our primary connection with our clients. And as we know, inter-personal relationships are one of the key success factors in any consulting project. So as much as we offer to our people in workplace environment, benefits and development, we ask in terms of their own respect and care for each other, our partners and our clients.

  • 4. We value the long-term view

    We reject this status quo in favour of the long-term view; focusing on long-term value over short-term profit,  partnered relationships rather than quick transactional wins. We are connected to the outcome, to the client as a person, and to the journey of the client’s business.

  • 5. We value resilience and commitment

    Methodology and best practice cannot alone guarantee impactful project delivery. Every day, we show up for the hard yards, and the hard conversations, that drive projects from good to great, from delivery to meaningful impact.

  • 6. We value emotional intelligence

    As an intellectual property business that advises senior leadership in complex business issues, one of our key strengths in pushing projects through to meaningful impact is developing high trust, high maturity relationships and collaborations with our clients. We listen well, we appreciate differences of opinion and we show respect for our clients and others around us.