Personal Development

At Letsema we all work on developing each other, both personally and professionally. The development of our workforce is core to the ethos of Letsema.

Our Promise

To ensure that the project assignments reflect a balance of your strengths, your developmental goals and your interests to ensure maximum development opportunity. Our goal is seeing someone achieve far more than what they thought they were capable of and to share in each individual’s success.

We aim to provide the challenges, feedback, and support you need to achieve success, along with the training where relevant, and guidance you need to meet the new challenges that accompany your professional growth.

The Letsema Training Academy

Assists in the formal training of our workforce which consists of internal courses developed and presented by Letsema Managers as well as external courses. These are focused on the development of basic consulting skills but also functional competencies as per the service lines of Letsema.

Regular knowledge sharing sessions

Where topics of interest or relevance are discussed which helps different teams at Letsema to keep abreast with the most recent developments and best practices.

Mentoring and coaching

Managers and team members get assessed on their contribution to projects which aids in the development of each other where areas of personal development are identified. Employees will then engage on external courses to fulfil the areas of development. Mentoring and coaching forms part of day-day project life at Letsema

Career counsellor

Each team member has a career counsellor who is responsible for navigating the employee’s journey with Letsema. Regular discussions assist Letsema to understand developmental goals and needs as well as interests and aspirations. We support each and every employee to set the bar as high as possible and to then reach beyond that.

On the Job Training and Feedback

The process of learning and been able to give and receive constructive feedback is crucial at Letsema to not only enable individuals to grow but to ensure that projects transform from good to great, from delivery to meaningful impact.