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Our interview process

CV assessment

  1. Initial screening
  2. Academics
  3. Balance and personal achievements
  4. Professional experience

Candidates will be assessed in order to ascertain their attractiveness based on the relevance and quality of their qualification and academic background.

The nature of and background of the candidate’s  professional experience, relevance and quality of  experience is further examined.  (if relevant).

Letsema also takes into account candidates balance and personal achievements.

First Interview

  1. Technical ability
  2. Consulting capability
  3. Managerial capability
  4. Sales and Business development

The first interview allows us to get to know you, your background and working experience. Similarly, this interview provides you with the chance to get to know more about Letsema  and our company culture.

Second Interview

(Impromptu case study)

  1. Consulting fit
  2. Technical ability
  3. Personality profile
  4. Aspirations
  5. Personality profile
  6. Transition ability
  7. Lifestyle match

During the second interview, you will be given an impromptu case-study. This is a first test of your problem solving abilities. It also gives us an indication of your ability to handle pressure and to stand your ground in a client environment.

We will be able to determine each individuals technical capability to fulfill consulting, managerial, sales and business development tasks whilst ascertaining whether potential candidates reflect a consulting fit at Letsema.

Third Interview

(Prepared case study)

  1. Runway and resilience
  2. Intellectual horsepower
  3. Growth potential
  4. Ambition
  5. Endurance

During the third interview, you will be required to do a presentation of your analysis of a prepared case study. This is a more complex problem and you are therefore given time beforehand to prepare.

We will be able to determine each individuals technical ability, consulting and Letsema fit and their ability to grow and learn

Psychometric assessment

  1. Letsema fit
  2. Corporate profile
  3. Values and culture
  4. Entrepreneurial aspirations

These assessments are to be completed externally in order for Letsema to verify each candidate and asses whether they posses the technical, consulting and Letsema fit.

The hour an a half assessment gives us insight into your mental alertness; analytical and logical reasoning; numerical ability and original, creative and intuitive thinking – all of which are critical skills for consulting.

Final Interview

(Directors interview)

The purpose of the final interview is to confirm each individuals growth potential and their  culture and personality fit within the Letsema family.

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