At Letsema, our people are our single most important asset. We pride ourselves on having varied backgrounds, unexpected interests, and remarkable lives. Our team consists of extraordinary individuals who strive to make a meaningful and sustainable difference to not only our clients but their respective industries and the greater South African economy.

Why work at Letsema?


Our ambition allows us to continuously strive for more innovative, creative and ground breaking solutions.

We are committed to professional growth and to fully develop each individual’s inherent abilities. With us you have the opportunity to punch above your weight and to challenge the status quo.


  • Achieve social impact by serving business goals
  • Empower the development of the future leaders
  • Engage in long-term client and societal value creation


Diversity is a key part of how we empower our clients to create the right impact every time.

The diversity of our teams aids in the generation and development of extensive ideas rather  than individuals blindly following rigid methodologies and working in isolation.

Diverse ideas come from diverse teams and ultimately, high-functioning diverse teams outperform homogenous teams.

We not only look for individuals with a strong intellectual curiosity and EQ, but also individuals with CQ. We believe a strong CQ allows us to support clients through difficult conditions and adapt our approach accordingly aiming for real impact.

This is our special sauce.

CQ Elements
  • CQ Drive

    Build a desire to learn about other cultures and a willingness to adapt.

  • CQ Knowledge

    Cultivate appreciation and understanding of cultural differences.

  • CQ Strategy

    Be aware of the perspectives and ideas of different people and how their viewpoints affect the work of teams.

  • CQ Action

    Adjust to cultural differences and leverage diversity into results.

Our Way

Our business intervention creates a meaningful impact on social change.
Our way ignites belief, overcomes barriers and drives opportunities.
We are humanist, self-aware, culturally and intellectually diverse.

We believe that “Together we can make a difference”.


At Letsema are privileged to provide a home for a diverse set of exceptional people that combine the highest intellectual prowess, global best practice and category experience with the self-awareness and client-orientation that allows us to drive change side-by-side with our clients.

With that being said, Letsema has earned Letsema a deep history of trust, ethical practices and strong value based decision making (see our values).

Being a boutique consultancy, we are not bound by the internal processes and red tapes of larger competitors , and are therefore able to make decisions and take actions faster in the interests of both our people and our clients.