The Letsema Way

Together let’s grow

We believe that the diversity of our people is the most potent force for change; enabling us to drive better relationships, better thinking and greater impact for our clients.  We are connected to the outcome, to the client as a person and to the journey of the client’s business. Through our extensive experience we have the ability to identify complex business issues and challenges, and work together with our clients from design through to implementation in order to create meaningful and tangible solutions.

Our view
We recognise business as a catalyst for positive social change

Our philosophy
The word Letsema comes from a Basotho term that describes the philosophy of working together to achieve greater good. At Letsema we live and practice this philosophy. Empowerment is an inherent part of who we are and what we do.

Our brand
We have provided quality service through our value based boutique approach, ethical leadership and diverse networks

Essence of Excellence

Letsema Consulting represents the notions of totality, wholeness, consistency, perfection, and timelessness in order to effectively manage and combat the complexities and issues prevalent today. Together, we have created The Letsema Way, an ethos of combining our purpose of driving societal and business impact.

Letsema Consulting manifests its beliefs into multiple ways to communicate different relationships, essentially always bringing out our core inspiration – helping people win, to help businesses win, in a way that ultimately helps society win.

Through the unique mix of contextual, cultural and emotional intelligence we have the ability to listen better, to adapt faster and to foster deeper and more enduring relationships with our clients. This environment increases our creativity and flexibility, overcomes cultural integration challenges, and ultimately empowers the right impact.

Every time.

Our approach encompasses People, Business and Societal impact.